personal website

-Me talking about myself-

Hi, I'm Koushik Saha and I'm a Freelance WEB DESIGNER.

After passing my diploma at electrical engineering, Surprisingly I immediately got a job in a good construction company. But in April 2020 in India, a 6 months lockdown placed the cause of COVID-19, so I'm unable to go out of my state and loss joining the company and become unemployed.Then one day I collect my ultimate chi and will power I gathered all my HTML, CSS, designing, coin collecting, and other cosmic knowledge I found that it's the time to make THE website & it's the website.

My skills-

HTML,CSS,JAVA,Wordpress,MS office,video editing,freelance etc. O and I'm an engineer also, which is the most powerful entity in this reality.

A Whizz at Website and UI design, front end development, branding, art direction and Wordpress. Always on the lookout for exciting projects to work on. Thank you.